whirring noise

recently when im playing disc games this weird whirring noise starts coming from the disc drive, is this a serious issue?


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Is the console standing on end or laying down?

Hey, also are you talking Xbox360 or Xbox1.? If your talking Xbox1 I think you may have a faulty disk drive and you will want to call for support asap.....good luck.....

That whirly noise is most likely normal unless like said before it's a xbox one.

its lying down, its a 360, and its a noise that started recently so im not sure if its normal

I had an incident where there was a whirring noise on my console when I tried playing Batman Arkham Origins.  Installing the game solved the problem.  Perhaps give that a try.

^^installing the game works^^ but I cant install the walking dead for some reason and its so loud I stopped playing it.

well i went and let my system sit for a moment, the tested it, the results were (ill provide the games for reference)

with an the original problem game installed (skyrim) after several moments of playing the whirring sound started

a test with a less intensive game (fight night round 4) the whirring sound wasn't there, but there may have been a slight high pitched noise i didn't recognize, though its hard to tell with how loud the Xbox 360 usually is

a purely downloaded game (tell tales walking dead) produced no problems

so im stumped as to what it could, i figured that it would go away with an install, or would be present for all disc games, but this has just made it more confusing for me. if anyone has some further insight it would be appreciated

is it a slim model? if its an original xbox could it be the fan? i know my fan was whirring then a few weeks later i got the red ring of death but that was on the white console and that damn console is still going strong and its 6 years old now