Which wireless network adapter should i buy?

So the xbox that i have is pretty old and i play throught my computer's monitor in order to have it near to my router/modem.But the quality is crappy and i  want to it to my television on my living room with hdmi :P.Between my router and the living room is only one wall and and short distance.I only use internet on xbox for gaming.im not intersted on streaming and stuff like that only gaming.I checked for adapter and i found two.the one was relaesed on 2005 and supports a/b/g( i dont udnerstand what that means :P) and a second that soport aditionaly n.So what i should buy to play for example gta v,cod,bf or it doesnt matter?Please tell me because if there isnt much difrence i go buy the old one. :P (BTW dont recomend me customs sets only the adapter from microsoft)


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If it is only around the corner and short distance away from your router id personally just use a long ethernet cable to connect your xbox to the interne. Most computer and electronic shops have them, be sure to get a Cat 6 fibre optic ethernet cable. A,B,G and N are all wireless connection signal speeds. If look at your router to see if it supports N, id get the N adapter for your console if your router is compatible with N connections if you want to go the wireless route. Wireless G is okay for gaming but isn't as good as N type connections. Personally if your television is just around the corner id go and get a good quality ethernet cable.

well one reason that i want to take an adapter is that beside i want it on my living room the ethernet port is a bit broken.an i get disconects pretty offen.I read that g and n giving more less the same perfomance on online gaming,and n is way better for streaming.As i said i only care about gaming.If it is more les the save i want to save some of the money to buy a game :P

Ah ok fair enough just go for what you can afford and get a G adapter for your 360. Also I forgot to mention the N band signal also offers more signal coverage but you probably don't need to worry about that either as your router is only around the corner from your television. Nether or less whatever you decide on both adapters will do what you need them to do. The only thing you might need to worry about (though rare) is other devices that could potentially block the signal if used at the same. Some microwaves, wireless headsets and lawn mowers can possibly disrupt the wireless signal if they work on a similar frequency as the adapter. Just keep that in mind when using a wireless connection.