Which Wireless adaptor to buy?

I have never used one before but for my situation now I need one, which one do you suggest - the double antennae works with:a,b,c,d and N or the single antennae that only works with a,b,c,d? 

I am using a Netgear router with comcast digital cable.


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sorry a/b/g networks for the single prong and a/b/g and N for the double prong antenae.

If you have a Wireless N router you'll want to use the black/double antenna adapter.  To be honest though, you'll probably do yourself a favor and get that one even if you don't have an N network right now, it's backward compatible with ABG and will be future proof for you should you decide to move on to a Wireless N router.

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i recommend saving a bit more and just getting the new 250gb xbox as a wireless adapter  is half its price so just save for the other half and treat yourself.

sorry for double post but the new xbox has n wireless built in