Which TV Best For Xone? Sharp Aquos Quattron 70" or Samsung 65" 960 CMR?

I currently have the 60" Panasonic Plasma from 2011. I am wanting to upgrade to one of the following tv's. 

My brother has a 46" Aquos Quattron from Sharp. It looks good but to me seems that my sisters 46" Samsung LED TV has better colors and also sharper and more vivid. She has the 240 CMR. 

I was looking at the 960 CMR LED 2014 model of the 65" Samsung. Also the 70" Sharp Aquos Quattron as well. Links are below. 

Which one for overall best picture and gaming? 







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I have the 55" of the Samsung series you are looking at and its flawless. When deciding on quality you need to look at the frame refresh rate over digital optical quality because it makes the retinal vision sharp to watch and clean linear animation on this machine is really good even for fast paced 1080p movies. I haven't found anything that has better digital feed than this Samsung but the cost of good hardware is expensive. You don't need to go 65". There is little to gain by size after around 50" because detail is so clear from the 240hz output. I sit almost 14' from my 55" Samsung.

Also the Samsung doesn't let you down on inputs and outputs. It has 3 HDMI slots with 4 extra USB inputs and two of each have an optical line out for recording or running direct inputs to your surround sound system. You have choice in how you setup sound and recording. The TV also has a direct record feature to USB on the fly or timed recording. You can eliminate some hardware and simplify your whole sound system if you use the TV as device. Really smart technology from Samsung. I hope they don't reduce to input/output tech in the future.

Because this is a Smart TV it should will connect to you internet wireless if you have a wireless modem. It allows you to do a whole lot more with running the TV as a huge PC monitor. Simply if you know how to use this technology you will use your TV as the screen for your devices. There are apps for Android or Apple devices so you have freedom to use a tablet to scroll through files whilst watch the TV screen, whilst it records a show in the background, and whilst you have a number of other devices running and connected to the hardware. A simple switch between the inputs will bring up that device in at the present state. So if you stop playing Xbox One and jump between the TV or the internet each device remains connected.