which tablet for smart glass

I already own an iPad for business that I use with smartglass at the moment but since I work away from home I want to get another one so the family can use it with the new X1 on release.

I am quite happy to get an iPad mini for work and leave the larger ipad at home but I just noticed the cost of the surface RT base model is pretty similar.

So basically my question is iPad or Surface RT with usage being pretty much 90% for smart glass with reason if possible?



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if you poke around a bit more you might even find a cheaper win rt tablet. surface is still a bit high even with the current price drop. also a new generation of surfaces will be launched soon so this one should get even cheaper. a big reason surface hasnt taken off is dell, asus, toshiba, and plenty of others finally jumped into the rt tablet market with some cheap options.


also with win rt is i believe a stripped down version of office comes with it which should be adequate for your kids in school. this may only be the surface version though.

I'd suggest looking into then just going with the iPad 2 since its supports smartglass and if thats the default reason for purchase there is no need for the better models and iPad 2 is still in circulation.