Which is best? Samsung or Sony HD TV?

I'm looking to upgrade from my 29' Philips standard def flat screen TV to HD. And will be using it to watch SKY TV standard definition and for my Xbox 360. Looking to buy a 32' or 40'.

The only things on my list is either a Samsung series 5 LCD or LED full HD TV with HyperReal picture processor, or a Sony full HD TV with Bravia 3 or X-Reality picture processor.

Is HyperReal able to display standard definition and low resolution things as well as standard definition TV's, and Sony's Bravia 3 or X-Reality? I don't want to buy a TV and it can only show HD things perfectly, but when it comes to standard and low definition (as low as 240p and 360p) things, the picture isn't good. Can the HyperReal display interlaced things as well (eg. 480i, 570i). Also which brand has better sound speakers? Samsung or Sony?

I prefer Samsung as they're lighter, use less power, and they seem like a friendlier brand than mega giant Sony. Sony goes into great detail of the video signals and resolutions their TV's can display, and about their Bravia 3 and X-Reality engines. While Samsung doesn't go into any detail at all.

Looking to buy from this store but will consider other retailers near me: http://www.dicksmith.co.nz/dsnz/home.jsp

So which HD TV do you have?



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Either TV will likely do a good job of upscaling SD signals, but the best way to be sure is to find a place where you can demo the models first. Some SD signals look great on my Samsung TVs, others not so much..

Speakers are going to be the bare minimum from either and any manufacturer. If you're concerned about sound quality you will likely never use the built-in ones.

The think that Samsungs may generally be a bit lighter, and power consumption is roughly the same, but Samsung is definitely a MUCH larger company than Sony is, by a factor of more than 2 revenue wise.

Sammy's ARE nicer looking and seem friendlier, but tend to be laggier on input lag and dont have the best color. On the other hand, Sony's are feature-packed, great for gaming, have nice adjustment of display quality, but are damn too expensive. kinda like a mac.

I would actually recommend LG. because they are everything that sony is, but for a price in between sammy's and sony's. My LG 32" does good with SD and HD digital tuned channels in my college dorm. I noticed that the sharpness setting is a good range and quality compared to a Samsung.

Sony has the more natural picture, hands down. There's a reason they cost more. I know a lot of people will say Samsung. But as someone who's main hobby is home theater, I've evaluated and compared a lot of displays just for the fun of it. I'm also the one that friends, co-workers & family call when they need help picking out A/V gear or setting up gear they've bought... I can tell you without any reservation whatsoever that Sony has a much better picture than Samsung (or any LCD). I'm not going to lie, Samsung has a very nice picture and of all the consumer brands, I'd probably rank their LCDs second to Sony. Where Sony really kills Samsung is in detail (especially in dark areas & scenes) and vibrancy. With Samsung, the black levels are generally deeper, but they lose almost all detail in the blackness. I've tried many times and on several different Samsung sets to get the detail in dark areas to rival my own Bravia. I have not been able to come anywhere near close without washing out the entire picture. Samsungs are great if you don't mind your really dark areas looking like detailless black blobs. I also find Sony displays to produce more vibrant colors without looking cartoonish. That's why I opened by saying Sony has a more natural picture... Watching a a Sony is like looking through a window, while watching a Samsung is like watching TV... A nice TV, but one that I personally have never been able to get just right. I'm sure a ISF professional, with the proper training & gear could, but why pay an extra $300-$700 to have a television adjsuted properly, when a Sony looks almost perfect out of the box? Besides, Sonys are more reliable anyway.

Thanks. I'm deciding on which one out of these two to get. The Sony might be better, but the Samsung has 100 Mhz refresh rate. I might consider other 32' and 40' Samsung or Sony here.