Which headset is best?

Ok so i'm thinking of getting a headset for the 360 mainly just for late night gaming so i'm not looking to spend any more than about £50 and i've been looking at a few headsets and really can't decide which one to get so thought i would ask here what you guys think if you have used any decent cheap headsets.


The ones i have been looking at mainly are...


Turtle beach x12 - £40

Tritton detonator - £60

Steelseries spectrum 5xb - £45


I was originally just looking at getting the turtle beach x12's straight away but then looking into it some people say they are really crap and has few issues with hissing sounds and that the mic makes your voice sound funny when talking to people, but then other people say they are amazing headphones.


So if anyone has used these headsets it would be great to hear your opinion on them, as i said don't bother suggesting really fancy wireless 5.1 trittons or astro's as i'm not willing to pay them prices i mainly just want a decent headset for casual use.


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Thats all personal opinion and subjective matter.

Try reading the customer feedback on amazon.com and see what has the most negative responses.

I cannot say anything on behalf of the last two options but I can say that I have had a great experience with the x12s. I bought them several months ago and have had no problems. The hissing sound usually occurs when you plug a play and charge kit into the controller while using the mic at the same time, and this happens on most headsets of this type from what I hear. If my voice is funny then my friends have not said anything to me. I also know that it is based heavily off the x11s and my friend has one of those with no mic issues. The sound may not be perfect like you might find with some of the more expensive models but for the 360 it sounds great (much better than standard speakers), has some good options (bass dial, game and 360 voice volume control, and mute switch) and I love the voice feedback. It might be worth some digging around and checking the stores but I can highly recommend the x12s from my experience with them.

Yeah i think i will just go with the x12's as they seem pretty good for want i want, i actually do a lot of single player gaming more than online so just mainly want to be able to use them for gaming at night so don't have to have the tv loud.

One thing that has started to confuse me now though is the mute switch, i was expecting this to actually cut the mic off so people in the game don't hear me in case i'm talking to someone in the room, which is pretty standard for a mic but then the way someone said it in a review made it seem like the mute switch is to turn off the mic monitoring feature that lets you hear yourself.

So what i want to know is will i actually be able to mute my mic so people on xbox live can't hear me?

You actually plug a mic cord from the tiny box (where the mute switch and volume controls are) into your controller like the wired mics that come with the console. The switch does mute the mic monitoring and your voice together, but If you want the monitoring to be on while not transmitting your voice over live, you can just unplug the mic cord. All the cords come with the headset and they are all decent length (the headset cord itself is quite long, and I want to say the mic cord is a good foot or two) so even though it is all wired it shouldn't get in the way.

Oh ok i get it now, got confused at first but now i realise you would not need mic monitoring on if your not talking any way so that makes sense.

Now i can't decide which headset to go with though, i was going to get the x12 but then i was thinking if i should just save a bit more money up and get the tritton ax720 or turtle beach x41 as they have 5.1 surround sound which i'm guessing makes game sound better.

I was thinking of maybe getting the turtle beach DSS if i bought the x12 but if i'm going to end up doing that i might as well just get a surround sound headset in the first place.

You get what you pay for. If your looking for a high quality head set for a great gaming experience look at Astro or turtle beaches more pricey sets.

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