Which flash drive is best for xbox 360

I bought a pny flash drive from krogers with 16 gb on it, once i got home, i configured it to work on my xobx; it worked for apx. 2 days, one afternoon i get on the xbox and the flash drive doesn't show up as a storage device. So I bought another one, the same flash drive from the same krogers, the same thing happened after 1 day of me configuring the device, please leave your comments on how I can prevent this or help in any way.


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The Sandisk Cruzer series is really popular amongst the masses.

If I'm not mistaken, the USB drives go to sleep on the console when not in use. Did you take it out, re-insert it, and the still didn't read?


Anyway, flash drives are notorious for failing, but using a name brand will probably reduce the chances. I just went to Office Depot and bought a 16GB flash drive that was under $15.


It's still working. Kingston, I think it is.

Sandisk makes the Microsoft one so I'd stick with that brand

I agree Sandisk is a great USB Flash drive to use with your console.  I use them on my PC and quite frankly they are the only ones that I typically use.  I have used others but they seem to just fall apart or stop working entirely.  Sandisk ones hasn't done any of that to me yet.  

Why would you buy another one????   Take the product along with the receipt back to Krogers.    A defective device refund or exchange is warranted.     (Kroger sells Scandisk and Kingston along with the store brand)      May I ask why not just get a HDD? that should solve your storage issues.

Nowadays, no HDDs on shelves (are you talking about external or xbox 360 internal?) Besides, I bought a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade and everytime I power on, all the data wiped out for some unknown reason. So just used a Transcend 8GB.

Do you realize you're replying to a TWO year old thread?