Which external hard drive to use with Xbox 360 ?

As the title says, any particular external hard drive to use the 360 as in what make.


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Hi there SILVER8Knight. In my opinion I would use sandisk or lexar with flash drive. The reason why you need flash drive is because then the 360 can get the information from the stick to your screen quick enough and with out any lag.

From Gibbo1359

P.s. Get a big enough storage space for what you want .

Thanks GIBBO, yeh I was going to get something like a 1TB drive.

So a flash drive rather than an external drive ?

Yes flash drive the external hard drive only works on the Xbox one and has to be over 256gb, but that doesn't matter. Yeah go for flash drive.

From Gibbo1359

With the latest 360 update you can use an External up to 2TB.

Sorry but can't help you with which models are compatible, I'd be interested to know though so hopefully someone can help with that info :-)

This is very interesting news..didn't know that the 360 could use large external drives.

I knew about attaching flash drives for added storage, but not actual HDDs.

It'll be very handy for extra space..need to look into this, get a new drive I reckon.

According to this majornelson.com/.../xbox-360-system-update-for-preview-program-members-now-supporting-2tb-hard-drives

its about adding an extra hard drive like you can do with the Xbox One.

Its due to the update we got the other day.

as per the other comments about the use of the external hard drive for the 360 I am in the update preview program which allows additional External hard drives to be used.I purchased the same Seagate 2tb external hard drive as per my xboxone but when I apply the format on the xbox360 as per the instructions it replies with unable to format.  Would like to know what external hard drives are compatible? I no the hard drive works as tried it on the xboxone after it would not format for the 360


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