Which Chrome controller?

I've been thinking about getting one of the Xbox 360 Chrome Controllers for a while, and I've narrowed it to Silver vs. Red (or possibly black). Which do you have/like more? Any thoughts about the chrome series in general?



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I have blue and love it. You have keep it clean or finger print s will get bad though.

GRADY 1999: You said fingerprints will get bad if you don't keep it clean.

I have heard of this before. Do you just wipe it down with a cloth or with water?

I have a blue chrome too, the finger prints are a pain to keep off and they look gross. If you try to wipe it off with a dry cloth they just smear, I don't know about a wet one though, its just gross looking. The controller seems to work fine though. And If I were you I would get red, the silver would be completely one color with no accents, I like the colored chromes because they have silver accents. It makes it look better. And if you were to get black I imagine with the reflective surface on a dark color the fingerprints would be even worse looking.

I'm leaning towards the red... But the fingerprints seem like they may be a problem. The HALO 4 limited ed controller looks sort of cool, but I'm not sure how I feel about clear plastic.

I use a Alcohol  wipe to clean mine since alcohol dries faster than water I won't damage it

I had a halo 4 controller,it came with the  halo 4 console and it worked great and finger print  weren't bad.  Mine broke though, the plastic to half the battery in broke. But I'm sure it was probably something on my end though.

GRADY 1999, if you wipe any kind of electronic with water (with the exception of GPU's) you can do no harm to them as long as there is absolutely no power source. You wouldn't want to get something with a capacitor wet, but Xbox 360 controllers don't have capacitors so you could get it wet, let it completely dry then put the battery pack in and start it up. Disclosure - If you keep a power source in your electronics, get them wet and power them, completely fill your controller with water to the point that you've made a lake in your controller or anything else that may cause harm to your possessions or others is NOT my fault, and you take full responsibility for your actions. Once you stop reading this you have accepted the disclosure and that I am NOT responsible for your actions.

i would not buy the chrome one its a piece of junk my brother has one!!

I have the regular black controller with the recharble battery pack. I think that ones the best. You should buy that one