Whether a name of gamertag becomes free after I rename it or delete it?

I have 2 Xbox accounts with 2 gamertags. Can I change the name of gamertag (or even delete it) in one account to release it, so that I would be able to change to this name from my second account? Thanks! ;-)


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You can change the tag of one account which would free up the tag you've changed,although it might not free up straight away,& then change the tag of account No2 to the tag that you freed up but you would have to pay twice to do this.

Thank you very much for reply, Daft Badger! Do you know approximately how much time before the release of the name of gamertag should go, so I can take it again from the second account? And whether this procedure is still paid if I had never before did not change the names of any of the accounts? Or changes will be free for the first time, as I read about it here on the forum?

It could become free straight away or maybe after a couple of hours,can't really say for certain.

The free name change is only if you change your tag from a generated gamertag to a personal one within 30 days of creating your account.

Any other changes need to be paid for.

Thanks a lot, Daft Badger! I will try to do this later and then will write here about results. ;-)