wheres all my music videos

I had over 20 music videos on my 360 I cant find none of them on the x1........... did this happen to anyone else


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Why do you think they would end up on your X1? They were saved on your 360 hard drive. Your saves or other data will not make it on your x1. The only thing that comes through to your X1 from the 360 is your gamer profile.

I remember hearing that while no Xbox 360 games or arcade games will be playable or transferable to the Xbox One that Movies and the like would be transferable.

all my movies came over from my 360

Hmm you would think music videos would also. I mean they don't require the same technique that BC games do.

yeah I knew all the games would not move over and I knew movies would move so I just thought music videos would move over too

That's what I would think