Where's the truly wireless Xbox One headsets?

My PS4 has the pulse elite wireless headset and it sounds great. Truly wireless with great bass and mids.

why isn't there a truly wireless xbox one headset? Why do they all have to daisy chain to the controller?

not a big deal for games because you'll be using the controller, but for TV / Netflix, I don't want to have to lug around the controller just to watch some movies And not disturb my neighbors in this thin walled apartment.

IIRC The digital out heasaets don't get chat audio? Ie the truly wireless ones that connect via optical port.

whats so hard about making an official TRULY wireless headset? It can be USB based for all I care, I just don't want to be tethetred to a controller.

wires are not "next gen", nor are double A batteries, but that's an entirely different manner. I still prefer Xbox one over Ps4

any news on a truly wireless headse that isn't $200+? One that gets chat audio and game audio, along with volume sliders for both, like the pulse elite?

the more I read about the lack of truly wireless (and affordable) headsets, the lack of 1080p, games for gold being a joke, xbox live costing more than PS Plus and not offering nearly the same value, the more I'm regrettiing my day one edition purchase. I was burned out on shooters years ago and I'd rather browse on my iPhone than play titanfall. It does nothing for me.

about the only thing I prefer on Xbox over PS4 is the controller, UI, some exclusives and software. PS4 game clip sharing is ***. "xbox record that" is amazing , PS4 game sharing is absolute *** and it often has error codes when trying to share. Sony software is pure crap as usual.

but this still doesn't change the fact that there's no truly wireless (affordable, not $250 Astros) headsets for Xbox one. Wires in my lap is not next gen..

Im not an audiophile but I would love a truly wireless x1 headset that may or may not work with chat. I paid $120 for my pulse elite headset for my PS3, and now it works for PS4 flawlessly. One headset for two systems and it's truly wireless, comfortable, and affordable.

surely MS can release something truly wireless, with their billions of dollars.

not a troll thread just disapponted with my X1 as of now. Sub par hardware, overpriced, Kinect doesn't work half the time; I'm not loving it at all. Which is hard for me, since I don't like playstation that much. The software is *** and the controller sucks, especially the triggers. But its undeniable that it's clearly the better (and cheaper) system at this point, even with garbage sony software and servers.

TL;DR, where's my truly wireless headset?


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you are not ranting or raving. you're just speaking the truth.I own 5 Xbox 360 s.I stuck with them through thick and thin because I thought they had a better gaming console.which they did.but still that many gaming consoles that's b*******.so for all my hard work and loyalty this is how I'm repaid.a ridiculously crappy console that is bugged out in glitch in every way possible.this isn't next gen.the Xbox one doesn't do things the Xbox 360 used to do.you cant even send a voice message to a friend.you can't look up people that you were recently in games with and the whole navigation menu was ridiculously hard to use.Xbox one doesn't even come with chat capability.and then if you do want to chat the charge you 25 extra dollars for an adapter to fix their f*** upand. if that wasn't bad enough the adapter doesn't even work.I have tried tirelessly to get my a 50 Astros to work with no luck.I know that some people have gotten their headsets to work I'm happy for you.long story short I should have bought a PlayStation I'm actually considering selling my xbox on Craigslist for $400 so I can buy a Playstation

Obviously you(AnimalSet869897) are not a patient person even when the 360 came out it was glitched just as bad as the 1 then they perfected it, as of right now my experience with the 1 is far superior to my 2 360s especially my kinect (i love this thing) i hope you have realized since the 4 months you posted this rant of yours to just give things time cause every software glitch you just mentioned is fixed. Now as far as the chat adapter i will agree with you and i agree with Roughstack Ms needs to release some type of news regarding a truly wireless headset be it one like the xbox 360s just for chatting or third party manufactures


You say wires areny next gen yet virtually every wireless headset on the market is either complete garbage or is not properly designed for gaming. Companies trick you with things like Wireless, VSS, Game Specific Audio Profiles, etc, etc, etc but if you have ever heard a real set of cans, you will see that these gaming headsets by Sony, Turtle Beach, Tritton, Astro, etc are not made for performance because they are all of a closed back design.

Don't understand what I'm talking about? The headphone company Grado explains.

There are two main kinds of over-the-ear headphones: open-back headphones and closed-back headphones. Most headphones are closed-back, meaning that the outer part of the headphone cups have a hard enclosure that fits snugly around the entire ear. Open-back headphones do not separate your ears from the outside world. Designed so sound is able to resonate from the rear of the speaker diaphragm, the unique design of open-back headphones reduces distortion and sound coloration that is often associated with closed-back headphone sets. Open-back headphones are able to not only produce a wider soundstage, they also deliver a more transparent sound.

Why Open Back Headphones are the Best Choice

Closed-back headphones make music sound like it is coming from inside your head. Open-back headphones allow sound to pass through the back of the ear piece, creating an open, accurate and natural sound. This soundstage seems wider and has more presence. That extra air flow is able reduce the effect of sound "bouncing around" inside closed back headphones - creating a more natural and realistic listening experience, while also increasing the accuracy of the audio.

Not only does the added airflow increase the sound quality produced by open back headphones, the design also provides more comfort for the listener than the box-like experience of closed back headphones, which can get hot and even sweaty.

Due to the accuracy of the sound created and the experience provided to listeners, open-back headphones are the first choice amongst musicians, professional audio engineers, as well as avid video game players. The accurate, real-life sound created by open back headphones allow gamers to better judge the position of an off-screen sound source. They allow sound engineers to accurately mix and master music and they provide musicians with a wider sound stage and a more transparent sound.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, before these companies focus on a completely wireless headset, they should first develop a proper headset to begin with instead of pulling the wool over everyone's eyes with flashy gimmicks and quality that comes from Toys R Us.

I am now buying my 3rd Xbox one headset holy *** please make a mic that will last me a few months so sick of this.

Stealth 500X

yeah, ms can make a holographic headset, but we still don't have wireless mics or even voice messaging on xbox one and it's 2015.... wtf, ms?