Where's the love microsoft

I always thought the Xbox was family focused with the console.  But bringing a new controller out with a price tag of over £100 this controller is not for the family oriented console.  So now Xbox and Microsoft is now focusing on the elite gamer the competition gamer. Not good Xbox 


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Thought the new controller was for the more elite players??

Why cant it cater for everyone? People who want an elite controller can get one while those who dont can stick with the stardard one.

This is a good point. Although it is an optional extra. Just like the turtle beach headsets and gaming chairs that are available. A fair few gamers would simply never look into purchasing one, but there are also a fair few gamers who will be more than happy to purchase on of these to "up their game".

The only different here is that this is a Microsoft accessory instead of a third party one

I am quite happy just to stick with the bog standard controller if im honest lol.

If it doesn't suit, don't buy it.

Not sure why you think MS are turning their backs on casual players just because they release a competition spec controller.

Don't worry it not just a pad from what iv heard that they are bring out it also comes with something else if you pay the 399$ they are asking for lol

I've had two controllers break since release and moaned about spending £45 to buy a new one....Imagine having one at £130 break...I'd be fuming. No doubt they are better quality for the price but still. Seems daft to me that they've got to this extreme to price a lot of people out....I would have thought they'd be better going for something more in the middle. But, that's just me.

I'm happy not to purchase as long as I don't perceive some clear advantage for users online. I can't afford to cave into that kind of peer pressure.

I like it, and i shall be buying it. Like the posts say above, if you dont want it, dont buy it. It has nothing to do with being family friendly? I dont even know why you would connect the two???