Where to go to complain, and/or suggest?

There are major issues with the Halo system right now, any time I get into a tank, Falcon, or whatever, or even BEFORE trying to get into one on BTB, players are doing any numbers of things, including, but not limited to; destroying the vehicles; blocking the vehicles with their body (especially tanks, making it impossible to use it and make your TEAM win, without killing them and being booted for "betrayal!"); blocking the vehicles with vehicles; firing at you while you are on the vehicle, lowering your shields to ridiculous levels; damaging the vehicle to the point it is suicide to use it; et cetera!

If I get banned for making sure my TEAM wins through, and not let some scumbag sabotage our vehicles, honor, and the entire TEAM game, I am going to be very pissed! It seems like the more you defend your TEAM's assets, the MORE you get paired with complete sabetures!


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I'm not too sure where you can complain... But after a while away from online gamin it's certainly changed.

You have to be awesome from the word go! You have to 'bend' the rules every which way to steal a win.

I like serious gaming, but to get the win these days it's unbelievable what lengths people go to.

It's not that I'm crap or anything like that.... But 80% of the gamers these days ruin it for everyone else... Good luck with your complaint! Maybe have a rant on Twitter ;)