Where is XBOX Marketplace content stored??

Okay this might sound like some bizarre strange questions, but the correct answer may have some good ramifications for us.


Which country is the content for the Australian XBOX Marketplace stored?

If it is not stored in Australia which country is it stored in?

the reason I ask, is when I purchase MSpoints (or the one time I bought a Game on Demand game) I receive receipts from Malaysia.

what I find odd is, if I am receiving a receipt from Malaysia, then why I am paying GST for my purchases? and shouldn't the money be

in US dollars if this is the case?

on a side note, Is content on STEAM subject to GST?

so if the content is in Australia, why a international receipt?

if the content is stored overseas, and we paying GST on it, I think the ACCC would love to hear about it.

so if someone who knows please provide an


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Im not 100% sure but when you buy something on XBL it is automatically put on to servers that reads off codes to other server witch then send out to another location and then get printed in your case and sent to you.

There is no real answer to that because of something called muti-server tasking. Its data stored in multiple places.

If this were a Scam or a Identity Theft Situation, Microsoft and the Government IT agents would have to spend a lot of time trying to find the data they are looking for and it makes it really hard, but sad to say its the only way Xbox live would be able to exist, because if networks were not linked then its not a net. Overall... what i'm saying is servers everywhere hold data for all players on Xbox live. they might send the data to a shipping co to send what they need out though.

Once again thats not 100% but that's what I got to say.

I assumed there was a primary server/s in America and each other region that has xbox live each have a server/s unique to that country, as I have seen the american server has alot more content and also is the first to have new content before the other countries and region. Then I just assumed that whatever is licenced and allowed in each region and country then gets downloaded from the main american server to the different regional servers.