Where is sent u a message, an props worthless now!

The new dash is ok in parts, but very bad in others. Like the way now the premium themes r kinda worthless, the friend section has the backgrounds but all stay in the background an squashed together, it looks crap. And when u go on the friends list no ones props are there to see, u hav to select each friend an go on the profile to see them, so that means that no1 is Eva gonna c ya with them, an the cost money. What y'all think of this?

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The Inside XBOX shows should be located under the video's tab, there's a button called "Inside Xbox" all the sentuamessage, nexus etc.. are in there

Avatar are pointless anyway, just a way for MS to cash in.

props were always worthless

*Sits laughing at all the people that paid for props*

You guys are real suckers all mine were free ones

Yeah, I mean wtf guys. Don't buy that silly crap in the first place.

Sorry to say this, but the props aren't real, so they were never worth anything to start with?

I never paid 4 a prop, but got about 20 from games.  Feel like they rip people off to oftern.

And the inside Xbox part does not have them in it, it has like 3 or videos,  no archive of shows, just few new videos that's all.

I'm sure they'll pop up in the tab at some point.

That's a good point about props, I only paid for one but it's still annoying

I wish they would give us a choice to update, if they did i would be still at the original setup