where is our halo tv series

When will the halo tv series be available. or will this be one of the broken promises that was said.


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Considering Xbox Tv has yet to launch, I would say its probably somewhere in Hollywood being worked on. What are the other broken promises?

just stating the things microsoft has brought up about the xbox 360 before launch and never showed up on the 360. for instance they said that the green ring would change colors on the health of your guy it would be green for healthy yellow for injured and red for almost dead. that never happened. Said that you could gift points to a friend. non of these where deal breakers. Its just a few I rememeber back before the 360 launch

Just found an article talking about Xbox Tv www.gamespot.com/.../1100-6418816

I have never heard Microsoft say the Xbox 360 ring would change colors or that point gifting was coming. In fact, Microsoft straight up said no to point gifting several times in the past.

And we're 5 months into the Xbox One life cycle. They said that Halo TV was in the works. It's coming. Expect to hear more at E3. It's not a broken promise.

If i am not mistaken, there were rumors of a trailer being made for E3.

As this is Halo, i would think the release of the tv show would come closer to the release of Halo 5.

Probably a little before to generate some buzz for the game.

I think they should do a gears one too. Yea before Halo 5, there going to release it. TO get hype and buzz.