Where Is My Borderlands DLC?

I've got all the Borderlands DLC.


Well I think I do.


I've downloaded it... it shows up as DLC that I own in the main menu of the game...


But it's never reared it's head while I've been playing the game.


No Underdome.  No Island of Doctor Ned (or was it Zed), no Secret Armoury...


Is there a reason it's not showing up in my game?






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you access the dlc through warp points by going to the set places where the dlc takes place.


Hope that helps

Have you activated the fast travel points yet? Might be better off leaving 'Secret armoury' and 'Claptrap' until after you've finished the main campaign anyway but they should all show up once you fire up the fast travel points

Thanks guys.


I never fast travel in games and that explains why I never saw them!


I'll have to check them all out.


Thanks again.