Where has Everybody gone ?

ok so its nearly a week since the Forums have been updated, for better or worse is your opinion. But is it me or is this place dead, I mean there are harldy any new posts/ threads and many of the Forum Regs have just Vanished


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I think you are overlooking them then, I am a regular and many a few new posts in the UK gen discussion and here. Forum games, and other threads. You must be missing them.

yes i do remember you but then there are many others who have yet to post on here since the change, and are you really saying there is as much content being added as before the update. theres only 2 and a half pages on the Uk fourms in just under a week thats pretty low. makes me think people have gone else where

Hi, do you recgonise me?

I'm posting a bit in the UK General Xbox Discussion, but not as I used to (probably because some people have moved to here and the other threads aren't very interesting), as the forums isn't compatible with IE9, even with compatibility view enabled.