where could i limit my child buying games

i am a new user with xbox one, i am trying to add some limit to my child, but can not find the correct place, is any one know this, just give some help, thank you


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you can go to privacy and  online safety to do this

you can go to privacy and online safety to do this

check the privacy settings under account.xbox.com/.../Home

You have a gold account. You can go to settings>privacy & online safety, then click custom. Find the tile that says buy and download then select nothing. This can be worked around tho if your child knows how to navigate your settings on your account. Best thing to do set a pass key for your (gold) account, which you should also set as your "home" xbox one, then create your child a silver account and set the settings for their account the same way. I.e. Buy and download set to nothing. That way you can regulate what gets purchased and what doesn't. Hope this helps...

You can create child accounts for your children that limits what they can do. This LINK should help you out. ;)

Is that a question? Or a statement? If question then yes.privacy& online then check NO on buy & download...