When will Wasteland 2 be playable?

I pre-ordered it on the store. It says in big capital letters expected to release on the 13th and will be playable at 12.01am GMT. Then in another section it says out on the 16th. The official forums say the 13th but then hidden away it says the 16th for the rest of the world (aka not the US). What's the deal here? I was under the impression the digital release was on the 13th regardless of where you are and the physical version the 16th. And it says on the store expected to release on the 13th, and it is being released on the 13th. 

Why state this in capital letters on the store if it's not going to be playable here until the 16th? If this is the case then I wouldn't have pre-ordered the digital release and just got the physical release on the 16th. What gives? Anyone know please?


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Was discussing this with a mate earlier & am still none the wiser lol.

Guess we'll find out at about midnight tonight.

I expect we'll be disappointed -_-


Well it unlocked today!

Weird thing, the official site still says 13th for North America and 16th for UK.

Someone jumped the gun I guess.