When will this FIFA hack be fixed?

So there is a new craze on FIFA where you can easily hack your VP by using a USB. Every game you go into now you have a person rated 100 so I cba to do clubs now and Im wondering If and when will there be a patch to cover up this hack?


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Send EA a message and let them sort it; nothing can be done from here!

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Send EA a message and let them sort it; nothing can be done from here!


Lol, good one phil

I doubt anything will be done because Fifa 12 is due for release at the end of September.

it's a lost cause, i remember when my code for dragon age didn't work it took them until the expiry date to sort it out

They need to ensure these idiots can't do it in FIFA 12. If I see someone in the lobby whose obviously got a modded pro, I'll back out of the lobby straight away. Having said that, they're usually so cack, you can see why they had to resort to modding in the first place.

they have fixed it....Called Fifa 12.....another incentive for people to buy the new version

Games that are 1 v 1 online, I have just totally avoided for ages. It's either lose, or you're guaranteed not to finish a full match.


I'd rather play against the AI in tournament modes, instead of some fat nerd who'll quit if things aren't going his way. So it's basically a waste of time anyway. I don't know why these people pay money to play against other people, yet can't take it when they're losing on a COMPUTER GAME.


On one hand you have to laugh, as it's pathetic, but on the other it's also effin' annoying because I'M paying to play online too, so I'd actually like to finish a full game. I don't give a toss if I lose, I always used different teams and always mixed my play up, trying to score good long range goals, etc. While my opponents get the ball and repeat the same 'cheap tactics' over and over. It's dull.