When the new dashboard comes out!

Will our themes we paid for going to be worthless again? I remember when the last one came out most of our themes didn't look good with the new dashboard update! I watched a video on gameinformer showing the new dashboard but they didn't have any theme! I just hope it supports the themes we have paid for and will still look nice!


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I expect they wont work correctly in order to 'encourage' us to purchase new themes.

That's why I stopped buying them after the NXE update.

yeah i only use free ones anymore. The only one i've bought was the Tigers theme from MLB 2k9. i won't be terribly upset if that one doesn't work, though.

Same deal, I think I bought the MLB 2K Cubs theme from one of the older games, I think 2K7 or something.

Only use the free ones usually. And if I get any free Microsoft points I just and don't know what to do with em I spend it on themes. Check the rating on a theme before you buy it. Higher ratings must mean it looks good.