When Shipping a Broken Xbox ?

So for some reason my xbox cannot read discs anymore and all i get is the open tray message, so i went online to xbox support and registered the console and my warranty runs out the 31st of this month, so my two questions are does the requesting repair before the 31st mean the repairs are free and not when it arrived for repairs ? and when i get the email ticket do i then pack it all up and send it myself or do they still pick it up from your house by UPS ?, because i didnt see anything about pick up's.




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Should still be free. As for pickups, I'm sure they still do, but don't you have to supply the boxes now?

Well i requested a repair and the cost was £0.00 so i clicked ok and got sent the ticket to go on the parcel, however i did not see anywhere about it getting picked up, so i'm unsure as to whether to take it to the post office or not on Tuesday as its a bank holiday.

Take off your hard drive , mind take out any game you have in , pack it in a box ( i used empty 24 pack beer box stuffed with newspaper then put in catalougue bag)

Dont send any leads , UPS will pick up from your choice of address

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Dont send any leads , UPS will pick up from your choice of address



Ah, that's how they found Bin Laden, what a dozey clown..


Thx but where does it say anything about UPS picking it up lol, this is what i got in the email

• Obtain a sturdy shipping box.

• Wrap the console in bubble wrap, newspaper, or other recyclable packing material. Do not use clothing.

• Make sure the console fits snugly in the box, to reduce possible shipping damage.

• Seal the box with packing tape.

• Attach the shipping label and write your return address on the box.

• Ship the package by UPS. Visit www.ups.com for drop off locations.

• Keep your shipping receipt.

I guess i get a code on the ticket thats emailed to me and enter that on the UPS website ?, or am i missing something here lol.

Goto the UPS site, then go on the Shipping tab, tick the prepaid box. Enter the tracking number in the box below to check its prepaid , fill in the pick up address details and then you're done. then you can keep track of your consignment after pick up on this site. Hope all goes well. sent me lads xbox off last month back within the week.

i cant get my shipping label i followed all the instructions how do i get it