When Push Comes to Shovel

Shovel Knight, coming to the Xbox One on April 27th (confirmed by Phil Spencer and Major Nelson).

So, are you going to take the time to bury your enemies 6 ft. under or pass on this potential shovelware/buried treasure?

As for me, I think I'll dig in because I can dig it

. :P


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Okay, fine! If you guys don't care, then you can all shovel off then! The music alone makes this game worth more than some of the dirt that people call games that's out there.

We're going to need a shovel to get through this "game".

It's total S.

But I'll let Goth do the complaining. :)

Allow me. Garbage with gold!

This is actually a good game.

Probably complete accident that Geek is telling people about it.  He just seems to post about whatever cheap rubbish is upcoming as an Indie release so the fact that this is a good game will be completely coincidental for him.

But don't let Geek's endorsement put you off.

It's an excellent side-scroller on par with Super-Mario's of old.

Probably more entertaining on your 3DS but if you don't have one and you'd like a fun challenging sidescrolling platformer you just hit the jackpot.

I agree with Azrael, it's a good game. I've owned it on the PC for almost a year and picked it up Tues for the PS4.

This game pays tribute to the NES 2D platformers of the 80's and 90's and does it better than any of them. It's difficult but not controller throwing difficult. Funny, responsive controls, it's does everything well.

It reminds me of the 90's.....

I re-watched the trailer with my family this evening, and realized that it does share a lot in common with older games - It has the overlay map of Super Mario Bros. 3, The hop from Ducktales, plays like Megaman and Castelvania, and numerous others. That is pretty cool. Also, I already knew this game was out elsewhere, so I wanted to see what people's reactions would be about it if they had already played it. Most of the time, when I post about a game like this, most people say it's crap because of it's retro style or something along those lines - I could tell that that would not be the case with this game, regardless of what some people might say.

I bought this for OS X, but depending on the price I'll dig it again.

This is set to drop tomorrow I believe. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick it up. I love old school side scrollers.

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I'll probably pick it up too. It looks like it'll win Indie awards in spades. :P

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