When is Xbox.com going to update

To show Xbox one friends and achievements?

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This was one of the first things I thought that would be updated, don't really understand what the hold up is!!

Guys, updates take time to put together - be patient. The console's barely been out a month.

I'm sure with the fact that Microsoft just had a huge world wide release of a new console and the huge logistics that it would take, the last thing on their plate would be worrying about weather people can show off their achievements on this site. I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry right now!

Oh and I know "whether" was spelt wrong lol! Stupid auto correct on phones! Haha

It's something that should have been done before hand. Same with the Windows phone Games section. Just goes to show that the console was rushed in some aspect.

Well personally I would rather them use their time fixing things on the console than updating this site. But that's just me I guess. Showing off my achievement and games is really not a big priority.