When I turn off my Xbox One, the battery remains on.

Is it normal that when i turn off my xbox one, the battery still runs with the blue light? The Kinect turns off and I see the xbox turn off but the battery always stays on, am I not doing something right? Is there a way to completely turn off the xbox?


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You need to switch it off the lower power off mode. But which battery are you referring to?


Do you mean the power brick?

The are two power modes. You should have been told to select one when setting up the xbox for the first time. One is an always on type mode that makes startups quick and the other is a power saving mode that completely shuts down the xbox.

Make sure you are in the power saving mode to completely shut it down.

Oh I see, thank you for making that clear, I must have gotten too excited while setting it up and not payed enough attention to that step, Thank you!