When I get the new Xbox One will I have to redownload all of my video and tv show purchases?

I have a lot of movies and tv shows downloaded to my 360 console. Will I need to redownload all of this content or will it be transferrable to the Xbox One?


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I am pretty sure you will have to redownload it.I have not seen anything about being able to use transfer cable.I have alot of movies and tv shows also.I will do license transfer and download once again.

I really hope they don't go that route again. It was such a pain with the DRM and I still have movies that won't play on my 360 unless Im connected to XBL

I don't think you have to download them. I think they just follow you over to the X1. I'll try looking for something about it.

They will follow you over.They will be in your xbox video.you can stream them but if you want them in memory you have to download them and if you want them to work with no net connection you need to do license transfer i believe.

Thanks for clearing that up Revenge. I couldn't find anything specific.

Im not positive but i think thats how it works.

So basically the same way it was when going from the original 360 to the slim. Thank you for looking into it

It'd be really nice if it just auto-downloaded.