When do you feel next X1 UI update is coming/what do you want to see?

Hey guys, just wanna spark some conversation. As you all know the 360 went through numerous UI changes, and im talking big changes. When do you feel the first major UI change will come to X1? There is definitely some improvements that need to be made. First thing is for now everything needs to open its own app, the friends list, messages, achievements and others and that can really just be slower than it needs to be. Also really hoping they add voice messages sometime soon as it is just a nice feature to have. So just curious when do you feel they will change the UI, and what is you're major thing you would like to see?


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I would like to see sky player app or virgin media app integrated into the TV functionality. So I can record, playback, series record and limit my tv channels to my package in the UK. Would hate to see the UI changed to much away from 8.1 as it's so refined. From somebody that holds a degree in UI design, it is so good, pity people hate change.

id like to see themes and transparant tiles :)

Definitely agree with themes and transparent tiles. That would be pretty cool in making you're X1 look exactly how you want it too. I also do agree with F00xm4n, i love the UI i just think it needs some tweaking, like there is no need to have to open an entire new app just to see achievements, friends, or messages. Also one more thing that really bugs me is that required to have Xbox Music snapped in order for it to play music, can we please get the ability to run that in the background :P

As soon as MS gets the hardware in the system fine tuned I'm sure we will start seeing the UI get smoothed out so hopefully pretty soon. And I would love to be able to have a cool background picture instead of just blackness.

I love the UI, I'm a big fan of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. I would like to be able to record 5 minutes of gameplay in the background. 

"everything needs to open its own app, the friends list, messages, achievements and others and that can really just be slower than it needs to be." 

I agree with you on that, but if you use voice commands those things are made easier. 

The top priority is to be able to change the Dashboard background with a picture or theme. You can do this on Xbox 360 and... WINDOWS 8.1 (change the start screen and desktop background). Another area is when friends are offline, it just says offline on their profile. With Xbox 360's Dashboard, it tells you when they were last online (eg. 30 minutes, 2 hours, yesterday, 3 days ago). Also, add Voice Messaging even if it's only between other Xbox 1 consoles. Well not everyone on this forum wants Voice Messaging because they think they're too old for it, there are many who don't hang out on this forum who want to see this XBOX feature added in. The development team probably already know about this even.

A new UI. hehe

...and one that doesn't keep resetting my sound settings.

I would like to see more colour or patterned tile choices, Backgrounds and widgets.  Think a custom snap window is needed also.

Themes and the ability to rip my music to an HDD.