When can i get this dead gamertag?

Hello :) ive been wanting a certain gamertag for the longest time and i know for a fact that it is a "graveyard" gamertag. when will it be able to be used again? i really want this gamertag :/   the gamertag: "fuz"


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Thanks for the help! -_-

There is no timeframe on when or if an unused gamertag will be released.

gamertags are used on other services,not just xbox live so you don't know if the tags in use or not.

Probably never as Daft Badger has already said the gamer tag could be used for other services. Games for windows live and Zune use the gamer tag system as well.

Last I checked (about a month ago) they were no longer actively removing inactive gamertags which I guess goes with what Daft Badger said.

So, Never is a decent estimate of when "fuz" will be this members gamertag?????   I hope to be proved wrong!!!!!  

Just sayin, ---no need for futher debate

Thanks for the advice Badger.