When are we.going to start experiencing cloud gaming?

I payed for the xbox.one expecting their games to be a large step up because of off loading resources to the cloud. When is this going to happen? I gave you my money microsoft. Where is my cloud gaming advantage?


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I believe that with the change of always connected this might change the cloud gaming process. I am believe they have to make sure that every game performs to a certain level even if they are not connected to the servers. I ones connected might have a better AI and graphics, I am guessing. And its only been 3 months since the release

The fact that no one is talking about this is concerning to me.  Cloud gaming is what we were promised and I want what I paid for.  I have a great internet connection that I have invested in and i expect for xbox games to take advantage of it.  Where is the cloud gaming I was promised?

Forza 5 takes advantage of the cloud. It's here! Day one. Hurray!

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OP forget about offloading to the cloud, unless they make first party games that does that, no devs will put the time and effort.

Forza 5 uses the cloud only to have a drivatar but not for computing power.

You are disappointed with your purchase and MS false advertising, join the club i am hoping they open the door fora full system refund. 

Titanfall is another game that will use the cloud.

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The "Cloud" isnt gonna improve graphics although dynamic content can be updated example like an RPG giving you new quests. As the "Cloud" is a buzzword, its just a server farm with games as a service unless they were to do like Sony and allow game streaming aka OnLive. OnLive never caught on but then again MS has 360 titles that were popular they could stream.


^lol @ The Cloud being a "buzzword" while simultaneously having "could stream older 360 titles from it" in the same thought. It stands to reason that if an ENTIRE games graphics and effects can be streamed then offloading stuff to the cloud is entirely possible. I wonder if its a learned skill or innate talent to make zero sense and just run with it.

Forza 5 has the most advanced AI of any racing game yet with AI powered by the cloud, which drive like (read: identically to) your friends (and random players).

Titanfall calculates its AI on the cloud. The grunts are nothing special but the Spectres put up a fight.

So far only these two titles use cloud processing and servers (apart from Dead Rising 3, it uses servers but no calculations).

@Wanorios: You think a complex AI that drives identically to its respective player (with fifteen of them in everybody's games) isn't computing power? That would take loads and PS4 and X1's CPUs are both not strong enough for that. (PS4 1.6GHz X1 1.75GHz)

There is a complete world of difference between streaming a game (Like streaming a film at 720p) than computing a games graphics offline and shunting the whole lot down the Line.

For One there is the Lag that you get when playing these types of games. Basically all your sending up is your co-ordinates and button presses to the game and then the game re-acts and sends the game in video format to your system.

The way that cloud was described was that games would use computing power to render the graphics separately on certain games and then send it down. That is the main difference. This creates even more lag.

They could use cloud in so many other ways, but it is getting Devs and Pubs to use it. The same as Dedi Servers which they said were Free, But it's amazing isn't it. How many are using Microsofts Cloud for their Multiplayer. It must be because it's free and no one wants to use it.... (Sarcasm)

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