whats with my Gamerpic?

last time i checked it was my avatar dressed in green spartan armour with a lightsaber. Now its this generic blank guy. Am i a ghost or something?

SWIFT EDIT: it seems to have changed back to normal now. Very weird [:S]


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That happened to me earlier and then it went back to normal.

It's just the usual forum glitches.

yep just glitches.....OxF FTW!!

Please help!

I've lost my face yet again.

The Beauty of the forums.....never know what your gonna get each time you sign in lol


I got my face back.

How come the forums gets to decide when I can and can't have my face? :S

Quality control??

[quote user="Cokney Charmer"]

Quality control??


Damn, how did you get through?

I'll need some tips from you.

Charm...and the Ancient Spirits of Evil!!