whats up with ie app????

im on my xbox now typing this and its just taken me 7 mins 43 seconds to load up ie and get here.....whats the point in this if my spyware ridden 8 yr old dell runs ie 10 times faster???....i mean you'll be typing away when the page just flies up n down the point stays grey the top/bottom of the screen dissappears and and comes back,typing just stops but still makes the blip sound thats even if it starts typing when you do!!! its gottta be the worst version of the internet ive ever used......seriously starting to pull my teeth out waiting all the time.....dial up internet surfing was quicker than this...is this gonna be improved or is it yet another useless app????


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Why limit yourself to any console based browser. Get a computer and freaking use that.

And why do you need to have Gold to use it ? Xbox is a microsoft product using Microsoft Internet Explorer - to be charged just to use the features of the console is the biggest rip off ever. Microsoft would do themselves a uge favour if they released a lot of the "Gold" features and just kept it for online Multiplayer which is what it was originally intended for. How they have the nerve to charge for being able to access Facebook or 4oD or any other free service is beyond me !