What's up with Battlefield?

Hi Folks.

What's been going on with Battlefield recently? Everyday for the past 3 or 4 days I've been going on and half the online matches are 8v8 or 9v5! I used to love this game and I've had is since launch and it's so infuriating when you get in a really small game and the players in your squad just sit at base. Is the online dead? I checked BFBC2stats.com and they say 19,000 people still play online!?


On Vietnam you're even lucky to get in an 8v8! And that hasn't been out very long either! Is it the matchmaking? And what tips do you guys have when trying to find full matches?



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What time of day are you playing at? I've found that if I go on fairly late (midnight onwards) then for some reason I'll struggle to find a full game or I'll find one but people will leave and not get replaced.


It's pretty annoying so if I feel like I need a good BC2 session I make sure I do it fairly early on in the evening (8pm onwards)


I don't think the first Bad Company had this problem, at least not when I was playing it

The servers have been rubbish for a while now on it, shame really as its a great game.

I've been playing early evening mostly after school. It's damn irritating!

When i play i always seem to get full matches i was playing last night at 9 and it was decent for the 2 hours i played