whats the processor power in the xbox 360 compared to?

its a dual core right, slim xbox's cpu is how old?



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It is a power PC triple core CPU.  They would not have changed the power of the CPU in the slim as it has to be the same as the original 360, they have just improved the design and merged the GPU with the CPU.

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As noted, nothing has changed. The performance of the XCGPU in the 360 S is the same as the original Xenon CPU in the original 360. Anyone who tells you differently has not read up on what IBM did to ensure moving the CPU and GPU onto the same die would not result in a performance difference.

The Xbox360 CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) is a custom IBM triple core power pc processor. It has 3 cores and runs on 3.21Ghz ( Which most of the modern day CPU's run at by default. )