Whats the ISP for gaming?

I know you people see threads popping up from me like if I should get BT or sky but this thread probably will be the last thread regarding all the problems. I will probably switch to another ISP from trashy Virgin media. But anyway, WHich ISP are you with? Which ISP do you think is best for gaming? Hopefully this is the last thread about ISPs for gaming.








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I'm on the VM 50mb package, and it works fine for me, then again i was on AOL 1mb line for 4 years lol, so anything after that is going to be great :)

I got VM 20Mb and its been good, had 10Mb before and used to get a lot of lag!

VM 50MB works like a charm for me, thinking of upgrading to 100MB as my area has just been upgraded to support 100MB.

ADSL Virgin customer here, no issues.

100mb virgin no problems

Depends on to many factors to list, I am with the post-office as we dont get cable round here for god-knows how long,,

I`ve heard good things about sky though, Or find a ISP that is`nt all about 12 -18 month contracts..

Im with Virgin Media, I think my ISP is the best - no problems whatsoever

Virgin Media 20 MB. i actually get 20MB. upload has been improved recently too. i can now get a massive 1.98 MB (was previously 0.76).