Whats the best gaming tv?

What's up everyone?  I have a question.  For years now I have played my games on an outdated sony grand wega 55 inch lcd tv.  It is about 6 years old it has hdmi but it is only capable of 1080i.  It has been a good quality tv but I am ready for a new one because the picture is starting to fade.  

   I recently purchased a 36 inch sony led tv for the upstairs for my nephew to play on and I had a chance to play xbox on it the other day.  I noticed a terrible lag even when setting the controller to the highest sensitivity setting while playing Modern warfare 2 or black ops.  I feel the response to my controller is a tad bit off.  My older lcd tv downstairs is just fine.  

   So my question is; when I replace my downstairs tv this fall, what would be the best tv for playing online video games?  Since is mostly what I use it for, I want the best picture I can get without giving up response.  


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You'll want a plasma TV for that. People will tell you otherwise but if you test it out for yourself the difference will be obvious right away.

I've never had any sort of lag issue with my Bravia. That said, lag is not an issue at all with plasma... Burn-in however is, or at least can be. If you do go plasma, make sure you take extra care to keep things like contrast down for the first 100 hours or so... And keep the gaming to a minimum.

I was thinking about plasma.  I like the brightness of that kind of tv.  Although my new sony led tv is lagy, it has an amazing picture I can see things almost perfect.  

The best brands for gaming are(in order)




I got a 47" inch Samsung HDMI Plasma with my PS3 .Ohhhhwe.Best picture ever.

I would say above 42" Plasmas are the better choice. LCDs above that size have gotten much better in the last five years, but so have Plasma sets so they still retain a list of areas where they beat LCDs at larger sizes.

If your new Sony LCD LED TV is laggy it's most likely because of image filters that need to be adjust or turned off.

So If I just learn more about my sony led I can fix the lag issue?  I really like the picture it has, and would like to get a 55 inch to replace my old sony in the living room.  I was also considering a sharp aquos 4led.  What do you guys/girls think of a sharp?

Surely the new Samsung Smart TV's will now set a new standard! I haven't played any games on them yet but the HD 3D movies are ridiculously amazing!!

this is the only site i have found that tests for input lag  www.hdtvtest.co.uk/reviews.php

DONT BUY A PLASMA..they are garbage-you never know when the picture tube will go out and you have to refresh it or replace it depending how old it is.The newer LCD tvs are way better than any plasma and have a better picture for the most part.As of now I was told by a Best Buy rep that Samsung is making the best tv-evan better than Mitsubishi.The larger the picture the longer it takes for picture to refresh..so if you get a huge one it could effect online gaming .Most stores either have very little or no plasma tvs cause of thier poor qaulity.Also the new Sharp tvs are really good,they have come a long way.

Don't ever listen to a Best Buy employee. They're to A/V what the pimple-faced teenager who hands your order to you at the drive-through at McDonald's is to fine world cuisine.

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