Whats the around price range of a Youtube set up?

I Find myself getting amazing clips,kill feeds all the time. My friends say if i do youtube and i said no. But i Have been thinking about it and i know i Will Need an HDPVR But can you suggest a good one and at a decent price. A Capture Card I Think or does the HD PVR Already record it or is it for sound idk and a microphone. So what would be the range for all of this. Any thoughts and ideas for it because i thought of doing Youtube in the near future.


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Look for an Elgato Game captur HD that should help you out for a start

I have an Elgato and just use my Astro headset as a mic and that works great

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I'd say beginner level $80 capture card and $60 mic for commentary and $50-$80 for decent editing package. to get the HD true professional level.

For lower level $30 DVDR $10 Mic and using basic editing packages

Before you pay out for the hardware and software I'd recommend stopping and taking the time to work on what you are going to put on YouTube.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of channels on there putting great clips of kills in Call of Duty games. More that do that plus commentary.


Sit back and think on what you are going to be able to offer that all the other channels do not, what is going to be the hook that gets you views and subscribers?


I don't wish to put you off this venture but making a successful YouTube channel is going to need something more than just  "amazing clips and kill feeds".

Lol Ohh I know. I just mentioned kill feeds, and amazing clips because thats the commpative side. I would also do Lets Plays, Commentaries, Also previde Game ratings sence I buy most of them every year. Just good decent quality. Also i would previde Courage of speaking my friend from school has a channel of his own. I noticed that its good but it could be better. Also i noticed not many lets plays give you the quality of the person because they are not good at explaining or talking about things while they are recording for me I have no problem with those kind of necessities. If i were to record i would have no problem with speaking. Also if the channel did get really high from the eamount of views and the daily audience views. i would do other willful things I sopose.