Whats Going On with Our belovoved Console

what is goin on with this machine its something new every other day & usualy no good im a hardcore xbox player from the first to the One but microsoft seem to be all over the place on this even before it was releasesd it was announced there would be no way to upgrade the HDD iv only got 5 or six games & my HDD is already getting crowded in there i never thought i would seriusly consider this but if things dont startt to pick up i may think of going for the PS4........no surely i couldnt but MS [Mod Removed]sort the Xbox One out now c'mon


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there having a rite good laugh at us on the dark side & no wonder what a fkn mess this is.

You sound silly.

wtf you on about hector i sound funny

You're about as funny as lofty...

Or that guy who came on here and told us he couldn't figure out how to use the One and took it back within 24 hours...

Hey... wait a minute!

How old are you? When was the last time you looked at data asset facts for games made in the last few years.. get a hard drive that isn't from the year 2000 and this won't be an issue..

Or wait you've been Xboned.