What's your next Purchase?

Hello my forum family,

I pose to you a very unoriginal question that may help me with my future spending on gaming related stuff. What is going to be your next gaming related purchase?

I ask this because I'm coming to close on The Witcher 3 which has been my main game for the past month or so and I kind of want another game like that, but not a massive RPG time sink, anyway I'm thinking of the Batman (Arkham Knight).

I personally don't care for you opinions on Batman, but rather just wanting to gauge the community on what their next gaming related purchase might be or what you're excited for as it might give me ideas. It might not even be a game!

Look forward to any responses.


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Other than Destiny: TTK it will be that Elite Controller and Battleborn.

Possibly Fallout 4 and Tombraider

I thought the Elite controller and Fallout 4 would be pretty common, but c'mon guys it's only July, surely you'll have the itch to purchase something else in the meantime?

Tcruz - When's battleborn scheduled for release?

That's really it for me. Battleborn is slated for Winter 2015. As long as it's no issues I hope it sticks to that. I will get the new Tomb Raider as well ;-)

If nothing comes between it and its release on August 4th, Rare Replay.

Rare Replay and Gears of War Ultimate Edition for August.

MGS V The Phantom Pain and Forza 6 for September

Halo 5 The Collectors Edition for October

AC Syndicate and Tomb Raider for November.

That should take my back catalog well into 2017.

^Haha, my that is quite the list.

Though Rare replay! Of course! I had no idea that was coming August, that's pretty nifty!

If nothing else, the thread is a success because I found that out, haha.

Digital my wife thinks I have a problem lol.  This coming from the same woman who has an entire closet in our house devoted to storage of shoes lol.

Oh yeah I forgot about Fallout 4 lol.

Hahaha and I'm sure she sees nothing wrong with her overloaded shoe closet because they're practical, right? 'Every girl needs her shoes' or whatever that dribble is, hahaha.

I can never let my backlog get too long, something inside me just forces me to finish what I have before moving on. I almost feel naked now though because I'm running a little low on my physical backlog, haha.

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