What's wrong with LIVE (12/10 c. 5:00 central)

I can connect to live, the support page shows everything is "Up ad Running", but there is no LIVE content popping up for me.


Is this just on me or are any of you having this problem?  Status Code 80072ee2


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yeah buddy get it all the time its either ms or try turning ya router off for 30 seconds...worked for me an hr ago.

I'm having the same issue I have not been able to get online all day

Something is really messed up.  According to the top right corner it shows me signed in (even how many friends I have online).  Yet can't access anything and all tabs say I need to connect to live.  Restarted Xbox, rounter and modem.  Nothing.

Yeah, Omega, I think we all show that same thing.  Connection is fine, troubleshooting connection is fine, even shows LIVE as up and running (as does thier support page here).  Must be something nasty: why wouldn't they at LEAST admit on thiere  support page that LIVE is down?



Troubleshooting everything under the sun was way more fun than just telling us LIVE is down for a few hours.  I understand you don't have a page that can easily tell people what's up and what is down, leaving us to guess if its our issue or not... wait, what's this page used for :  support.xbox.com/.../xbox-live-status  ???