What's the cheapest wireless turtle beach to get?

I want to know if its possible to get one under $120 because thats what i'm finding at the stores. Any suggestions? Also one that is decent and last for a while because the last turtlebeach x12 i got lasted me only 7 monthes yup. JUST 7


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well, no matter which TB's you get, not the best quality headphones. ive owned about 6 or so pairs and all but one broke on its own at some point, speaker going bad fast, wires shorting out. i personally will never buy TB again. and as for cheaper than 120 for wireless, its not happening, not if you want a good set. if i were you id lean more towards triton if your looking for good quality at a good price. i own a pair of astros at the moment and its still the best 300 dollars ive ever spent lol. but TB is not a good quality headset in my opinion, just thought id let you know before you wasted more money on them.

Why don't you just go to Turtlebeach.com and take a look for yourself?

Try Tritton. I have a pair of Detonators that sound much better than the TB's.