What's The Best Multiplayer Experience You've Had On XBox?

There are 2 games that really stand out for me:


"Gears Of War" was just amazing.  When the original came out it's all I played for absolutely ages.  Excellent multiplayer.


"Chromehounds" is probably the greatest Team Multiplayer ever made... ever.  In the universe.  The diversity of the different mechs and the ways different types supported each other as a Team was phenomenal.  Greatest tragedy in gaming when those servers shut down.


What about you guys?  What's your best MP experience on XBox and why?


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Probably fifa playing clubs used to get a great laugh with the guys that were on the team !!

Also Trials Evolution I spend countless hours just racing away to my hearts content :)

GOW 2 playing with a solid team where everyone had a role to play depending on the map,  getting accused by the opposition night after night of "rolling with a stacked team" as if that was a bad thing!  Meeting other teams with similar skills and having epic war zone battles that sometimes we would win and sometimes lose, but whenever they rotated into the lobby it was "right guys now we got our work cut out!"   And just steam rollering unorganised teams of randoms never got old!  

COD3 and PGR3 for me. Communities that had fun and communicated, of course this was all before the days of party chat, which while it is a good thing in many ways, also contributed to the lack of community integration in my opinion.

Agree. Cod 3 was the best multi player for sheer fun followed by gears of war 1. Ahhh cod 3, log gone are the days when you use to come online for a few games of fun rather than trying to improve you're rank.

Defiance was a fun game, but cods my all time favorite game online, mw2 with some friends was brilliant

Star Wars:Battlefront 2,Timesplitters 3,blur & PGR2 are probably my stand out online games

[quote user="Daft Badger"]PGR2[/quote]


On Xbox 360 ...

Call of Duty 2

Rainbow 6 Vegas

Ghost Recon


( For me Rainbow and Ghost Recon are still the best MP games I've played on the 360 ) but overall what makes the above games stand out for me were the communities, sure you still met the occasional idiot but nothing like you see today I'm sorry to say.

The original Ghost Recon on the old Xbox - me, a chap from Sweden, a Canadian, Frenchchap and a few others played Defend on each of the maps. Played for about 7 hours, everyone was friendly. Still got a couple of them on my friends list today.

I'm not saying there's not a great community still out there on today's games, all too often though you just encounter idiots.

The last time I played Battlefield 4, I was on my own and was on open mic, 2 of the guys in my squad were screaming at each other, I won't repeat what they said as I'm sure a lot of you can imagine the sort of rubbish that was coming out of their mouths.

I agree with others that Party Chat killed a lot of the community these days but give me that any day of the week than having to listen to the sort of crap I heard the other day lol

I do believe though a lot of the problem is far too many take these games way too seriously, the fun seems to have gone from most MP games these days, well for a lot of people.

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