What's That Controller + Symbol On Some Of My Games In "My Games"?

So I was browsing my games the other day in "My Games" on the ONE.

Some of the games have the picture of the game and the title.

Others have the picture of the game and the title... AND a picture of a controller with a + symbol in the corner.

What does this mean?

Multiplayer?  Anyone know?


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Means that game has some dlc available I believe.

It means you have add-ons for that game (DLC).

Cheers for clearing that up, I always thought it meant that the games with the controller on were disc based games, and all the others were digital :D

I'm going to check this out tonight because I'm sure the controller symbol is on a game I own 'Resident Evil Revelations 2', but I have definitely not purchased any DLC for this game. Does it definitely mean you own DLC, or just that DLC is available?

I don't know for certain so I'm only speculating, but on the few occasions I've seen this symbol on 1 of my games and I've inserted the disk to play it, there is an update to download before I play. This may have been purely coincidence, but I had assumed the symbol meant that an update is required to be downloaded before you can play?

It means there is dlc available,not that you own the dlc

If there's an update you'll see * on the game tile

Are you sure Badger? The only thumbnails with the controller icon in my list are the games for which I have add-ons installed. =)

Well I sort of have the answer.

I'll go on the ONE and check out the theory myself and come back with the result I guess.

Thanks for the suggestions.