What's is your ONE issue with your ONE console that you wish could Microsoft fix / improve ?

We have heard and seen how good the one is or could be so the burning question what is the one thing could that could be fixed / improved to make it better?  

Mine is to Fix the problem with the HDMI through connection when connected with my Virgin cable box (same with sky) because i cant snap between TV / Gaming or get the TV to work when in full power mode as advertised, this issue is because the console is geared up for American TV frequency ( 60Hz) and not the Uk ( 50Hz)           Are they going to fix this ??????


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Didn't you already post this in the One forum??

Yeap sure did thought from the lack of response that either: hardly anyone is on the one forum and are on the general forum or everybody is exstremely happy with their xbone :)

I'd want mine to work, it packed up after 3 weeks. So peeved off with Microsoft, haven't even bothered to send it off yet. Dont know if i want a refund and give up, or get it repaired.

I had heard from my local Game store that they have had a fair few xbox ones bought back in for repair, although they also stated that they have also had a couple of PS4's. Fingers crossed mine stays alright or holds up for at least until the new year when there are a few more around, I'd hate it to go wrong over christmas..

The controller anolog stick. I was playing fifa and my anolog is now broke got to get a new pad