What would you guys do? (help needed!) ACR

I am trying to decide on which assassins creed to get, there are three that im looking at, all difference in price.

Firstly , as skyrim is out around that time, i want to rag ACR in as quicker time as possible to get the most trade on it on ebay.

So my question to you, and indeed i am asking what you would do/are doing and why, is which edition do i get.

Now, ive thought about the normal one which is £34.85 on Shopto.net - a great price considering just after xmas i paid 42.99 for the normal brotherhood new,

Or do i get the collectors edition, which looks very nice with all its added entities, of which i would just sell on teh game and maybe the soundtrack.

this edition is £50 on shopto

Or do i get the special edition from game, which is £40 and has the soundtrack, armour, and 2 multiplayer charcters?

now im looking at this edition, as its somewhat of a compramise, but when i look at that, then see AC R collectors edition for £45 (from a different retailer), i am in two minds as to which to get and really am stuck about it.

So which one are you getting and why, and/or which one do you think i should get and why!

help here would be apprecieated, thanks, James.


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If your planning on selling it on get the satndard edition

I myself will always be biased towards the first Assassins Creed since the kind folks from here and Ubisoft sent me to Montreal to play it before release.  However, I will assume you mean the newest one so I can give my own personal perspective on it.  Personally, to me...it's more of the same ole, same ole... Nothing much has changed.

It's almost like the yearly rehashes of football games tbh.

As I said, first will always hold a special place in my heart but probably for very different reasons.

If you're going to get rid of it get the standard edition or rent it.

not even the special one from game?

special editions dont sell to well on ebay so soon after launch

really? so your saying i'd get more back for just selling the normal edition that selling the special as normaL?

Well the special editions have a bad name for having codes that cant be re-used.  Essentially people are buying the standard edition with used codes....no difference.

Well in the month after launch speciall editions will still be available instores. So the people who want them as collectables would rather buy them NIB rather than preowned on ebay. Especially as the likeley hood of DLC codes being used. Its when the SE and LE are hard to find you make your better money on EBAY

like dead island.? ok cheers guys i think i may get the standard edition and maybe preorder mw3 hardened from game for £15 for the preorder bonus.

There is a big difference between dead island release and assassins creeds release. Game store nationwide did not stock enough DI for the demand They wont make that mistake for AC

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