What will the price be for project spark?

when does the game get released and what wil the cost be ?


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No idea and a long time, xbox one beta dont even start till next year, there was a thing on there facebook saying there going to release more info after the 1st about the x1 edition but i know pc has only just gone into beta so i expect we're looking summer time at the earliest depending on the beta.

Pretty sure it is free and doesn't require Xbox Live Gold to play it online.

It'll be free.


As to when? Who knows!

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Pretty sure it is free and doesn't require Xbox Live Gold to play it online.


Not sure about Gold requirements, but I do strictly remember it being touted as free to play. Pretty sure they have also mentioned looking into the possibility of allowing content created to be sold as well.

Free to play, probably microtransaction to get more content to make more complicated games. They have to make money somehow after all.

This site : www.ign.com/.../xbox-one

says the release date is Q2 2014. Which is the april/may/june window.

Cant wait for this to happen,we are gonna see some amazing creativity and we are gonna be able to show our own to the masses from our sofas!woop, woop!


Nothing in gaming thats good comes free these days,micro t's,spark credits,what ever you wanna call it,gaurenteed.

Thing that annoys me is windows 8 gets it first when it was showed at e3 on a xboxone

vG GHOSTS,isnt it m8,it seems completely backwrds..windows 8 laptop,check.knowing this doesnt it make you think it wont be soley on the xb1,as the xb1 is pretty exactly the same runnings as windows 8 anyway,could it end up the majority is done on a pc and majority played on xb1?