What will happen if I...

Change my gamertag to DIEbecauseUsuck. Will people report me? Will I get suspended/banned? Will I get a force gamertag change?


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If you have to ask yourself that question, it is probably not a wise gamertag change. :)

I personally wouldn't report that gamertag as offensive, but that doesn't mean that others wouldn't... and it says nothing about whether the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team (XBL PET) would agree or not.

If it were deemed offensive, you would get a Forced Name Change, and you wouldn't be allowed on Xbox Live until you complied. Since it doesn't seem todirectly infringe the various immediately-bannable offensive (such as impersonating Microsoft staff), that alone shouldn't get you permanently banned. But "too many" FNCs definitely will get the profile permanently suspended, and no, the PET will not give you an exact number on "too many".

And frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if it got you banned if, say, you'd already had the same text in your motto and got suspended for it several times. At that point, you know that it isn't allowed, and repeatedly trying to get around the rules could get you "invited" to try starting over with a completely fresh profile. Why take a chance at all?

It's difficult to say what the PET would do or how they might see if it's offensive or not.  But I agree, if you have to ask...