What will happen after Titanfall?

What do you guys think the state of the competition will be after Titan Fall launches? My prediction is that the little black slanted console, that online works 0% of the time will start to fail, sales will fall off once they will trade their consoles for Xbox 1. As far as the other box with the cheap screen, well that is by far the 2nd best console on the market, that may make it due to its exclusives and the fact that its only for kids, but it will defiantly take a hit. I predict Xbox 1 will sell anywhere from 15-20 million by the end of the march. Thats with sales and trade-ins of our competitors console. 


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Am I the only one excited for TF?

This forum is very rude

im excited for it dont get me wrong,but i was shoved full of amazement about ghosts for a whole year and then when playing it,it is horrendous compaired to what they said it would be...and with bf4  and now seeing what is in store on xb1 am soooo disappointed.

It just depresses me totally,what im seeing on pc for tfall is what should be a close thing on xb1 and its miles away,very gutted,Roll on destiny and division,simple as that.

Sony fanboy? or no?

it will never be close to a pc my mate is selling me his c his got titans in it and a i7 i think with 4.2ghz im enjoying my xbox one and im glad i got it

Hmm I think Titanfall will succeed and will see the FPS market shift in a new direction but I don't see how dragging the other console into this will help.

The other console will still get plenty of awesome games that fans of it will love just as much.

I'm excited for Titanfall and hope it does live up to the hype!!! I hope it helps sell a heap of X1's in the process.

How the other console sells is of little concern to me since I had one and sold it for my own reasons.


Why did you buy the other "console" in the first place, its last gen and a waste of $400. Did you sell it because the online never worked, or because it wobbles. I call it the wobble station 4 haha. But as far as TF goes, I disagree, this game shows the difference between the two consoles, WS4 is not capable of running it at all, it will be one of the best games of all time, and the only place to play is xbox one!! 

I'm getting Titanfall for the 360.

Actually I bought both consoles, like I did last gen, to try both and be an informed gamer.

PS4 is a great piece of kit, I just didn't enjoy it as much as my X1, doesn't have any exclusives I want this year and I sold it for a profit. Once Uncharted hits I'll look at it again and see if I'll pick it up again.

Anyway enjoy TF regardless of where you play it :)

you will be disappointed in uncharted, its just a GOW clone

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